World Record Attempt Attempted

What a day!? I have sore feet and face from dancing and smiling so much.

Arriving early at the famous 8 Northumberland Avenue Hotel with its decandent surroundings it was an obvious choice for the burlesque world record attempt. I was quietly ushered into a pretty opulant ballroom in which the dancers would carry out the record attempt. In association with Virgin Holidays and Burlesque Baby plus the prospect of winning a trip to Las Vegas, this day was going to be fab. With an early morning shout out on Capital FM by lovely Greg Burns, I just hoped lots showed.

The ballroom where the attempt would be made.

My bit of PR for the hotel

My role was to assist Sharon Kay aka Indiana Belle (owner of Burlesque Baby) in helping teach the 5 mins mandatory routine to the dancers in order to qualify for the record attempt. Sporting the desired colours of red and black I waited patiently for the participates to arrive. My corseted waist did little to contain my butterflies. I just hoped people would turn up….Slowly the dancers arrived in varous states of giggles and nervousness. Thankfully a few familiar faces appeared in the forms of Harlot Deville, Betty Delight, Beau Rocks, Luli Blue and Felicia Noir. They were down to be participates in attempt. It wasnt long until the room was full and announcements were made.

My outfit for the day

First thing was to attend a press call in the middle of Trafalgar Square. As we all walked over with Sharon, Ms Em and I leading the way the looks we recieved from shocked passerbys made us laugh. Once we reached the steps just in front of the National Gallery it dawned on me just how many press/media there were taking photos and filming us. aahhh

The all-together! Spot me!?

Spot me!

Posing and pouting as directed, with Sharon, Em and I directing the gaggle of ladies on the poses we needed, we were ushered back to the hotel. Then the hardwork began. With myself and Sophia St Villier flanking Sharon, the teaching began. With a few hiccups here and there it wasnt long before all the danceers had the routine down.

dancing the monkey dance...wait I mean being all professional and dancing bump n grind

Game face on. Ready to dance! Copyright Robin Lowe.

In order for the dance to be eligable for the world record attempt all dancers had to do the same dance in time for over 5 mins. With a few run throughs the group performed the routine impeccably. They should all be congratulated. Sophia and I danced the pretty fan dances to accompany. My arms are aching. All the performances were recorded. But also there was alot of press in the room. I met a lovely man who is making a documentary on 21st cnetury perception of beauty…I answered a few questions for him. I was also taken into the marble bar to have a mini photoshoot with Sophia St Villier. Lovely.

All in all the day was fantastic, especially as the winner of the holiday was a lady who had travelled from Wales to be there plus puts on numerous charity shows. Well deserved!

I am now home with my feet up. Dancing for over an hour in my killer heels have killed me.

We have to wait on news to see if we got the record. Heres hoping but if we havent I had a fabulous day out. Plus I got to flex my traditional bump and grind moves. Ding dong!


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  2. Great work to you and all the participants! It looked like it was an amazing opprotunity.I hope you danced your way into the record books!
    I follow msn photoblog and saw your comment and link. Nice.
    Keep High Kicking and Best wishes, Neil

  3. thank you x

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